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SmCo Magnets


SmCo magnets are second-generation rare earth permanent magnets, which are mainly classified into 1:5 type (SmCo5) and 2:17 type (Sm2Co17). Their main features are high magnetic performance and good temperature performance. Their maximum working temperature can reach 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with neodymium iron boron magnets, samarium cobalt magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environments. 

They are suitable for manufacturing a variety of high performance permanent magnet motors and applications with very complex working environments. In addition, samarium-cobalt magnets have strong rust resistance, and the surface thereof generally does not require plating treatment. These are a high magnetic energy product, with a very low temperature coefficient, and a maximum working temperature up to 350 degrees Celsius. Their negative temperature is not limited. They are a maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), with coercivity and temperature stability at a working temperature above 180 degrees Celsius. Their chemical stability exceeds NdFeB permanent magnet materials. They have strong corrosion and oxidation resistance.

SmCo Magnets are widely used in high-tech fields such as household appliances, instrumentation, motor meters, automatic control, automotive industry, geological exploration, aerospace and other industries.