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SHF MAGNETS exports to Southeast Asia and to more than 30 countries in Europe and North and South America.
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NdFeB Magnets


The sintered NdFeB permanent magnet material is an alloy magnet composed of metal ruthenium, iron, boron and other trace elements (Dy, Al, Nb, Mo, Co, etc.). After melting by a powder metallurgy process, the alloy ingot is oriented and shaped in a magnetic field, and the formed body is sintered in an inert gas or vacuum to densify, so the sintered NdFeB has a very high magnetic energy product. Known as the contemporary magnetic king NdFeB Magnets are coercive and cost-effective, and have good mechanical properties.

NdFeB Magnets are widely used in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, wind power, inverter air conditioner compressors, medical, aerospace, high temperature motors, automotive sensors, various magnetic drives, magnetic pumps, microwave devices, computers, and other electronic, electrical, motor, electroacoustic, automotive, computer, medical equipment, magnetic suspension and other fields.