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SHF MAGNETS exports to Southeast Asia and to more than 30 countries in Europe and North and South America.
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701/7th/F Juxiang Bldg,Changping,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Contact Person: Ann Chen
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About Us

Company Profile - SHF

Our Company
SHF (SU HONG FENG MAGNET CO.,LTD.) was established in 2018 and is located in Dongguan City Guangdong Province, South China and offers professional import & export services. It is aimed at important foreign customers.

SHF specializes in magnets, producing NdFeB, SmCo, and Alnico magnets. Annual output is respectively:
            ➢ 2,300 tons of NdFeB,
            ➢ 500 tons of SmCo ,and
            ➢ 1000 tons of Alnico.

SHF offers:
           ➢ a complete product range                                 ➢  advanced production equipment
           ➢ high-tech, high-performance products             ➢  strict quality control
           ➢ professional technical guidance                        ➢  meticulous sales and after-sales service.

Our Reputation
 As a quality supplier to well-known Chinese enterprises, SHF exports to Southeast Asia and to more than 30 countries in Europe and North and South America. Every day, we earn our reputation for excellent quality at a fair price.
           Corporate vision: To be the ideal magnet supplier for the world's leading magnetic industry.
           Corporate mission: To provide enterprises with green energy-saving, environmentally  friendly, and efficient magnetic products.
           Corporate development core values: integrity, innovation, enthusiasm, execution, customer- centered in all we do.

Our Products
Since 2012, the company has grown organically, innovating across its current product range.

We can now provide a superior NdFeB product line:
          ➢ N series N35-N52                                              ➢ N33SH-N48SH
          ➢ M series N35M-N50M                                       ➢ UH series N30UH-N40UH
          ➢ H series N35H-N48H                                         ➢ EH series N28EH-N38EH
          ➢ SH series                                                            ➢ AH series N28AH-N35AH

SmCo & Alnico
SmCo2/17 and SmCo1/5 offer low weight loss, high consistency and stability. Alnico 5DG, Alnico8, Alnico9 offer very high performance.

Custom Orders
Our factory can now efficiently process orders for LED make-up mirrors, magnet crafts, etc. Contact us today!